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Layla Kapok Pillow – Kapok Pillow Form Inserts

A elegant pillow, plush as well as ventilated, soft and also supportive at the same time. Kapok pillow form inserts.

The Layla ® Kapok Pillow. One pillow to rule them all.
We  placed everything we know  right into this  style to  supply a luxurious pillow that is soft,
 incredibly  encouraging,  as well as cool all at the same time. Kapok pillow form inserts. Incidentally, it’s pronounced “kay-pock”,.
 as well as it’s  deluxe and airy with  lots of loft.

A luxuriously  impressive feeling pillow.
Oh, so this is what a  high-end pillow feels like. Kapok pillow form inserts. A special mix of Kapok fibers and also reactive memory foam fill not just feels like a dream become a reality, it gives this pillow the moldability to conform to you as well as hold its form throughout the night. Kapok pillow form inserts. The unbelievably soft cover is a polyester/viscose blend with our signature hexagon stitching, which not only feels and look wonderful, it’s incredibly breathable to permit optimum airflow with the pillow.


Kapok fiber for that  drifting on a cloud feeling.
Relaxing your directly Kapok fibers resembles laying down on a plush, ventilated cloud. Kapok pillow form inserts. Kapok is softer and airier than cotton or wool, so you obtain a much better, longer lasting loft space than you’re utilized to. Blended with costs, open cell memory foam, the Layla ® Kapok Pillow cradles your head and neck like a valuable infant so you wake up feeling fresh and also ready to place your desires into activity.

Cool as a cucumber, for the  remainder you  should have.
The Layla ® Kapok Pillow incorporates light and also ventilated Kapok fibers combined with shredded memory foam wrapped in a breathable cover, so the hot air from your noggin doesn’t get entraped inside your pillow. Kapok pillow form inserts. Your days of flipping the pillow to the “cool side” are over, and also you can let your pillow do the job to maintain you trendy (like it need to) while you fantasize about every one of the fantastic things you’re mosting likely to attain tomorrow. Kapok pillow form inserts. Dare we claim this pillow makes your desires become a reality? Could be.

While a lot of pillow makers utilize synthetic materials such as memory foam, nylon, as well as polyester, we opt for the natural route. Kapok pillow form inserts. Our pillows are covered in qualified natural cotton housings with your option of fill. This short article though will concentrate on our most prominent pillow fill: organic kapok.

Maintain reading to find out about this comfy fiber you’re sure to enjoy.

What is Kapok? – Kapok Pillow Form Inserts

Kapok is a buoyant, cotton like fiber that expands from the ceiba tree in exotic climates. Kapok pillow form inserts. It’s extremely soft and also glamorous, and most definitely one-of-a-kind when comparing it to other pillow fills. Kapok is the perfect plant based choice to down given that it has that same cosy feel without the feathers. Kapok pillow form inserts.

 Comfortable Comfort.
Kapok is light as well as airy, making you seem like your head is resting on a pillowy cloud. Kapok pillow form inserts. It’s a record breaker of ours due to its mild soft qualities.

This pillow is additionally customizable, suggesting that it comes overstuffed with two pounds of organic kapok. Kapok pillow form inserts. We purposefully overstuff our cushions to ensure that our clients can have lots of fill to deal with.

Unzip the internal case and eliminate as much kapok as you   would certainly such as. Kapok pillow form inserts. This enables you to readjust the elevation as well as total feel of the pillow.

We recommend conserving the excess kapok fill for later on since kapok does a little press gradually.


Organic Kapok Pillow


Going Organic For Your Health.
So, why should you choose an  natural pillow? 

Going natural is the healthiest option. Kapok pillow form inserts. You spend about a 3rd of your life sleeping, so what you’re laying your directly every night is important. You don’t want to have straight contact with cotton treated with pesticides or off-gassing foam, so you must recognize exactly what’s in your pillow.

Our natural kapok pillow is likewise an green option. Kapok pillow form inserts. Think about your acquisition as a vote. You’re electing farmers that never ever make use of extreme chemicals and also a company that favors utilizing natural deposits rather than cutting edges with artificial products.  Kapok pillow form inserts. You’re voting for a high quality item that is environmentally friendly and made by an employee-owned B Corporation that absolutely appreciates people and the earth.

Can I Wash My Kapok Pillow? – Kapok Pillow Form Inserts

We don’t  advise putting your kapok pillow in the  washing machine or dryer for two reasons.

It’s possible that kapok fill could run away from the internal cases while being threw about in the washing machine and/or clothes dryer. Even if you do clean the pillow without any kind of issues, it will certainly take a extremely long time to completely dry.

To stay clear of any problem, we suggest just washing your pillow case. Kapok pillow form inserts. The external, cleaned natural cotton case is likewise maker cleanable.


Cuddle With Kapok – Kapok Pillow Form Inserts

It’s time to trade your old pillow for the deluxe gentleness of natural kapok. You’ll never wish to return to a conventional, artificial pillow once again. Kapok pillow form inserts. Rest peacefully with this relaxing must-have.

Organic kapok in an natural cotton casing. Kapok pillow form inserts. This vegan pillow supplies luxurious soft qualities and also “fluffability” without the feathers. It’s the ideal plant based option to down and is considered our most deluxe (and popular) pillow.


Customize Your Fill – Kapok Pillow Form Inserts

Our  adjustable  natural  cushions come  deliberately overstuffed. Open the inner  instance  and also  get rid of as much fill as  wanted to adjust the height  as well as overall feel of the pillow.


Organic Kapok – Kapok Pillow Form Inserts

Kapok is a cotton like material that grows from the ceiba tree. Kapok pillow form inserts. These trees can be found in exotic environments from Mexico to West Africa. Our team believe in utilizing natural deposits instead of artificial materials for our health and wellness and the wellness of the world.


SOFT & SILKY FEELING. NATURAL KAPOK. – Kapok Pillow Form Inserts

Kapok is a soft  as well as  smooth all natural fiber that has a  comparable feel to a feather pillow. This is our softest and most plush  sensation pillow. It is covered with a cotton sateen  textile, which is both soft  as well as  sturdy. Kapok pillow form inserts. All our pillows feature a zipper so you can easily readjust the loft to finest match your comfort needs.

What is Kapok? Kapok is a silky fiber that  originates from the seed  sheathings of kapok trees. Kapok pillow form inserts. Kapok is a viciousness cost-free down choice.

Which pillow fill is best for me?  Routine Fill: Side  and also back sleepers. Kapok pillow form inserts. Most usual fill. Bonus Thick Fill: Extra filling up makes your pillow comfy and also glamorous. This is excellent for side as well as back sleepers that desire even more assistance and also thickness.

Item Materials: Natural Kapok. Kapok pillow form inserts. Covered in a sateen material of organic cotton fibers.


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