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Kiko Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner – inspired by Charlotte Tilbury?

Als ich vor kurzem die neuen Lip Liner von Kiko sah, staunte ich nicht schlecht. Sowohl das Packaging, als auch die Textur der Liner erinnerte mich sofort an die gehypten Lip Cheats von Luxusmarke Charlotte Tilbury. Hat sich Kiko hier mehr als ‚inspierieren‘ lassen?
The new Lip Liners from Kiko are obviously very inspired by high-end brand Charlotte Tilbury and their Lip Cheats. Not only the packaging seems to be similar but also the texture.  Did Kiko get more than ‚inspired‘?


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the REAL 90s grunge – 1995 by Gerard Cosmetics

Die 90s Lip – eine wunderbarer Trend.
Ich meine den wirklichen, echten und wahren 90s Look – nicht die massive-lip-overlining-let’s-fake-a-lip-job-Interpretation einer Kylie Jenner. Ich rede von der Kate, Cindy, WinonaJulia und vor allem Rachel Jennifer der 90er. Man mag über dieses Jahrzehnt in puncto Stil sagen was man will, aber diese bräunlich-burgunderfarbenen Lippen – ein Traum.
Den bekanntesten 90s Lippenstift ‚1995‚ entwickelte Gerard Cosmetics in Kooperation mit Youtube-Star Jacklyn Hill (Gerard Cosmetics, das ist ein extrem gehyptes US-amerikanisches Beauty-Unternehmen, das ich schon in meinem Post über peachy Nude Lippenstifte kurz vorgestellt habe.)

The 90s Lip – a wonderful trend.
I mean the real, genuine and true 90s look – not the massive-lip-overlining-let’s-fake-a-lip-job-interpretation by Kylie Jenner. I’m talking about the Kate, Cindy, Winona, Julia and especially Rachel Jennifer of the 90s. Say what you want about the style of this decade, but this brownish burgundy lips – fantastic.

The most popular 90s lipstick ‚1995‚ has been launched by Gerard Cosmetics in cooperation with youtube-star Jacklyn Hill (as I’ve already mentioned in my blog post about peachy-nude lipsticks, Gerard Cosmetics is a extremely hyped American beauty company).

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Cleansing Balms: Clinique VS. The Body Shop (VS. Coconut Oil)

Cleansing balms are very in vogue at the moment – and that with good reason. Especially if you’re a sufferer of dry skin you should ditch your foam or gel cleansers, because cleansing balms will change your evening routine for the better. In these colder months oil-based cleansing balms are essential, if you don’t want your dry skin to get even dryer.

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MAC’s Creme D’Nude + DUPE?

MAC’s  Crème d’Nude is my favorite nude lipstick and also one of the most popular nudes in the beauty blogging world. It costs 20€ and is a light pinkish, sheen nude with cooler undertone – a little bit peachy as well. Creme D’Nude has its proper place in the line of permanent shades in the Cremesheen collection. The disadvantages of cremesheens are, that they melt very easily and show every little imperfection of your lips. (Cremesheen: crème-based;  imparts bright full color, with a soft of supply shine)  I’d say that, worn by itself, this lipstick is more suitable for fair skintones, but with a gloss on top it’s fine for medium to dark skintones too. It’s perfect to pair with really smokey eyes.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills: The Dipbrow Pomade

Anastasia Beverly Hills is very well known for their range of brow products. Next to the Brow Wiz the Dipbrow Pomade is an extremely hyped item.
I had high expectations for this product since I have heard so many people gush about it. The pomade comes in 8 different colors (blonde, taupe, auburn, medium brown, soft brown, dark brown, chocolate and ebony). I have light hair so I chose the blonde shade.

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